Contributions by: Erik Valind

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Erik Valind is a freelance photographer, born and raised on the Florida beaches, now living in New York City. He specializes in commercial lifestyle photography and environmental portraiture with airy and energetic imagery defining his style and vision. Involved and committed to the photography industry, Erik is a Tamron Image Master as well as a Broncolor Ambassador and a member of the American Society of Media Photographers.

When he’s not on assignment, Erik loves to share his visual approach, techniques, and passion for photography internationally as a speaker at major industry conferences, as an author, and online as an instructor.

Headshot Photography

Professional Headshot, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshot: A headshot is a specific type of a portrait. Usually, a tighter crop of the face, from the shoulders

Window Light Portraits

Windows as a source of portrait light have been used for decades before artificial light sources came into the play. And the best of it: