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Contributor - Hannah Couzens
Photographer & Educator | Website

Hannah is an award winning professional portrait photographer, who shoots everything from corporate headshots to families and celebrities. She also runs a successful high street photography business in the UK and twice won the Young Business Person award. Hannah is involved in many UK speaking engagements for Profoto and runs her own workshops.

Inverse Square Law The Practical Way  (7:31)

Inverse Square Law The Practical Way

For physics and math lovers? No, not in this video. Get hands-on advice on what will happen to an image depending on where you place your light(s). Hanna simplifies the Inverse Square Law, using simple visualization by using one flash.

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5 Looks With One Light: Male Portraits (17:35)

5 Looks With One Light: Male Portraits

Hannah Couzens will take you through five different portrait looks and how to create them using just one light. Hannah will look at different contributing factors to create variety between the shots and of course, show you how to light and create them yourself.

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