Contributions by: Seán & Helen Gannon

Photographers at Lumosia Studios | Website

We are Sean and Helen and we simply love what we do. 15 years ago, we bought a Canon 450d and weeks later decided to become photographers with no idea of the industry or how to make a business work (on top of which Helen was 7 months pregnant with our first child!!!).

Through sheer determination, training and a need to survive, we created a successful business that over the years has been quite an adventure! After 384 weddings at some of the best venues in Europe, we made the change to headshot photography and created Lumosia, a studio that specializes in offering actors amazing headshots with a unique pricing model that works for both of us as a business and for struggling actors.

After 4 years, we now photograph thousands of actors every year from our two dedicated studios as well as shooting on location with drama schools. We have big plans for Lumosia and can’t wait to share our knowledge.

Headshot Photography

Professional Headshot, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshot: A headshot is a specific type of a portrait. Usually, a tighter crop of the face, from the shoulders