Contributions by: Tony & Chelsea Northrup

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Award-winning author & photographer Tony Northrup has published more than 30 educational books. Professional photographer, Chelsea Northrup, started photography in high school using film cameras, and went on to study film photography at Connecticut College. Her work as both a photographer and model has been published world-wide in just about every digital and print format, including book, magazine, and CD covers.

Secrets For Sharp Portraits

Have you ever had portraits that weren’t quite sharp? Chelsea & Tony Northrup show you several techniques (with before and after photos) to get shar…

One-Light Portraits

Shooting simple: If you’re just starting out in photography or using a strobe or flash for the first time, there are many benefits of just

Headshot Photography

Professional Headshot, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshot: A headshot is a specific type of a portrait. Usually, a tighter crop of the face, from the shoulders