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How To Pose People Who Are Not Models


Posing Tips for People Who Are Not Models

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Anita Sadowska was joined by the amazing fellow photographer Irene Rudnyk. Irene was kind enough to help Anita create this video, where she give you her top tips on ‘How To Pose People Who Are Not Models’.

Anita demonstrates how to make your subject feel more comfortable, how to make them look taller and what other tricks to use when taking photos.

Anita’s Posing Tips

  1. Angles (subject)
  2. Angles (camera direction)
  3. Legs
  4. Feet
  5. ‘Long Neck’
  6. Natural Smile
  7. Facial Expressions & Chin
  8. Eye Contact
  9. Standing Posture, Core & Shoulders
  10. Leaning
  11. Hat as a Prop
  12. Play with Hair & Hands

Let’s GO!

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Kudos & Resources

“Model” & Photographer Irene Rudnyk

Photographer & Educator | Website

Anita Sadowska is a Professional Swimwear and Beauty Photographer currently based in London, but traveling between Bali and Europe. She runs an educational Youtube Channel about Photography that shares her technical knowledge as well as her experience of working in the fashion industry for over ten years.

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