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Posing Mistakes in Seated Portraits


How to Fix Sitting Posing Mistakes

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Pye Jirsa is going to walk you through common posing mistakes, particularly for sitting poses, and how to fix them.
Pye covers this subject from both a masculine and feminine body language standpoint so you can see the differences and know how to fix issues on the spot no matter who you are photographing.

Pye’s Posing Mistake Fixes

  1. Intro​
  2. 0:54​ – Mistake #1: Hanging Feet​
  3. 1:44 – Mistake #2: Leg Position​
  4. 4:08​ – Mistake #3: Spine​
  5. 5:10​ – Mistake #4: Hands​
  6. 6:49​ – Mistake #5: Angle of the Wrists​
  7. 7:29​ – Mistake #6: Squishy Face​
  8. 7:57​ – Mistake #7: Camera Angle​
  9. 9:25​ – Mistake #8: Chin & Eyes​
  10. 11:11 – Bonus: Interact with Clothing
  11. 10:24​ – Lighting Setup​
  12. 10:54​ – Posing Demonstration​
  13. 12:12 – Outro

Let’s GO!

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Kudos & Resources

Model Chelsea Coury
Video Training: SLRLounge’s Complete Posing Workshop

Photographer & Educator at SLR Lounge | Website

Pye Jirsa is the founder and partner of SLR Lounge and Lin and Jirsa Photography, a boutique Southern California photography studio with an incredible team that shoots over 300 weddings each year, with nearly 1,000 yearly client commissions.

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