What’s the Purpose of Your Donation?

Free for you does not mean free for us.

We love curating meaningful free educational photography content and are grateful for all the help we get from our contributors and creators. Our team at ISO1200 /Media works on a voluntary basis. Plus we try to reduce cash out as much as possible.

While we certainly don’t intend (and avoid at all cost, to be precise) to make money off of free content from our valued contributors, the platform itself costs some decent cash to upkeep operation.

Although we start small, the operating budget is around U$ 500/month (U$ 6k/y) when aiming for a (relatively) smooth performance. That’s tech only. Like software, hosting, CDN, mailing list, security, fixes, and other minor stuff.

The bigger the community will get, the more “power” we will need, the more expensive the operating costs will become. We are not there yet, but leveling up for full-throttle will result in about U$ 2000/m (U$ 24K/y).

In that spirit, your donation helps us reduce costs and improves the platform for you.

Thank you!

Dan Hostettler, EiC #iso1200teamQuestions? Contact us.