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Podcasts: Photographers’ Insights & Business

Show ImageShow TitleShow Description
Show TitleWhat & Who?
Beyond the Image Podcast
  • "This show will give you the tools, resources, insights and information you need to be unapologetically successful"
  • 230+ episodes
  • Host: James Patrick
From Nothing to Profit
  • "Interview successful photographers that own profitable portrait studios. From marketing tips to business secrets."
  • 75+ episodes
  • Co-Hosts: Matt Hoaglin & Kia Bondurant
Headshot Photography with Rafal Wegiel
  • "Photography, Headshots, Portraits-Podcast"
  • 40+ episodes
  • Host: Rafal Wegiel
Marketing Podcast For Photographers — The Tog Republic
  • "The show's goal is for you to have a successful and profitable photography business!"
  • 140+ episodes
  • Host: Carolina Guzik
Photobiz Exposed Podcast
  • "Photographers from around the world revealing their marketing, advertising, pricing and business secrets."
  • 400+ episodes
  • Host: Andrew Hellmich
Picture This: Photography Podcast
  • "Dig deep into the history, science, and personalities of photography."
  • 100+ episodes
  • Co-Hosts: Chelsea & Tony Northrup
Pro Photographer Journey Podcast
  • "Learn the craft directly from seasoned professional photographers."
  • 220+ episodes
  • Host: Chamira Young
The Portrait System Podcast
  • "Photographer interviews who manage successful portrait photography businesses from around the globe using the business model Sue Bryce teaches"
  • 100+ episodes
  • Host: Nikki Closser
The PRO EDU Photography Podcast
  • "The PRO EDU Podcast explores the lives of working pros in the photography industry."
  • 130+ episodes
  • Co-Hosts: Gary Martin & Rob Grimm
The Six Figure Photography Podcast
  • "Ben talks with other industry experts about how to market and grow your photography business."
  • 160+ episodes
  • Host: Ben Hartley
The TOGCHAT Photography Podcast
  • "Regardless of your skill level, if you are working to improve your photography, this is the photography podcast for you."
  • 250+ episodes
  • Host: Joe Edelman
*Hidden Gem!*
Mastering Portrait Photography Podcast
  • "Tag along with Paul Wilkinson (UK; FMPA FSWPP) and get tons of personal insights about his photography business & life. "
  • 105+ episodes
  • Host: Paul Wilkinson
Profitable Portraits Podcast
  • "Tanya reveals her tips and tricks on how to take your side hustle into full time income of 6 figures and beyond"
  • 25+ episodes
  • Host: Tanya Smith
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Online Education Platforms

Platform ImagePlatform TitlePlatform Description
Provider Description
CreativeLive CreativeLive's community is aimed at entrepreneurs and creative professionals. It offers 1,500+ curated classes that are taught by 700+ handpicked instructors.
Domestika On Domestika, millons of creative professionals share their projects, contribute to and learn in forums, connect with other creatives, and find employment.
Karl Taylor Education Karl Taylor Education offers something for everyone, with hundreds of classes, live workshops, online support and access to a global community of photographers.
KelbyOne KelbyOne is an educational membership community driven by a passion to provide incredible training for Photoshop, Lightroom & Photography made affordable!
Lindsay Adler Learn+ Lindsay Adler Learn+ is a monthly membership community. Monthly behind the scene shoots, lighting setups, group Q&A sessions and more.
PHLEARN Everything you need to know about Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography from YouTube's #1 Instructor. 450+ tutorials for any style and skill level
PRO EDU PRO EDU is dedicated towards producing impactful tutorials in photography and photoshop that help you build a successful business and brand.
The Photographer Academy Europe's largest online photographer training website! Posing, Lighting, Software, Business, Qualifications, Competitions, Critiques & Webinars
Udemy Udemy is the largest global marketplace for learning and teaching online.
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Competitions for Portraiture

Competition ImageCompetition TitleCompetition Description
Australian Photography Awards
  • The APA is one of the largest most celebrated photographic competitions in Australia. Since launching in 2016, we continue to seek and discover Australia’s most original and thought-provoking photography.
  • Residents/Passport Holder of Australia
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
British Photography Awards: Portrait Photography Competition
  • The BPA awards accept a broad range of work from different disciplines and from all over the world. It is independently judged by some of the most respected names in British photography.
  • Residents/Passport Holder of the UK
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
International Photography Awards
  • The IPA conducts an annual photography competition for professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global level, creating one of the most ambitious competitions.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
International Portrait Photographer of the Year Award
  • A global competition for professionals & amateurs purely for the showcase of portrait photography. IPP aims to be the gold standard for portrait photography worldwide.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
Moscow International Foto Awards
  • MIFA’s mission is to recognize, reward and expose talented photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community in Russia.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
PPA International Photographic Competition
  • The purpose of PPA's competition is to allow photographers to enter photographic prints, digital files, or digital albums to be judged against a standard of excellence.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Physical Prints & Digital Files
SWPP Image Competitions
  • The Societies’ monthly online competition is a ‘must’ for all SWPP members, judged by some of the most esteemed Fellow, Master and Grand Master photographers.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
The Paris Photography Prize
  • PX3 was founded in 2007 and has since become one of the most prestigious photography awards in Europe. The PX3 awards promote appreciation of photography & discover emerging talents.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
The Portrait Masters by Sue Bryce Education
  • TPM & Accreditation program was created to allow Sue Bryce Education members to submit their work to be judged by a panel of international expert judges.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
The Unlike Portrait Awards
  • The UPA is an annual photo contest for talented portrait photographers from all corners of the world. The organisation rewards the best and brightest professionals.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
Portrait Photography Awards

  • PPA hold online competitions every month. The results are published every month on the website and Instagram page. At the end of each competition year PPA publishes the best international Portrait photographers.
  • Global
  • Photo Submission: Digital Files
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*Bonus* Hand-Painted Backdrops

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