ISO1200 Ambassador Program

Be A Part Of Something Great: Be An ISO1200 Ambassador!

Join a growing global success story! We offer an exclusive Ambassador Program for a small circle of selected creators (Creatives, Photographers, YouTubers, Social Media Wizards).


You are convinced that “no-fluff, quality online community learning” is the way to go forward in today’s post-pandemic education landscape.

You are passionate about spreading the gospel for our “Free Learning Initiative” through your digital channels and in real life (like workshops, lecturing, camera club/association, and more) – the possibilities for getting the word out are infinite.


We will discuss incentives on individual basis.


We encourage everyone who connects with their own (online) audience (micro to large) to contact us.

The onboarding process will be personal, meaning we will handle your request individually.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Dan Hostettler, EiC #iso1200team