daniel norton

Basic Poses for Women  (1:01:10)

Basic Poses for Women

When photographing people, we have many things to juggle at the same time: lighting, exposure, camera handling, and making our subjects feel comfortable. And of top of that, we want to create meaningful, natural, and flattering poses.

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Studio Lighting: Men vs Women (01:11:54)

Studio Lighting: Men vs Women

While every subject that sits for you is and should be treated as an individual, specific “beauty standards” can help guide your subject’s lighting. Join Daniel Norton OnSet to show you how to create masculine and feminine lighting and how and why to use them on various subjects.

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Feathering One Light (10:26)

Feathering One Light

Daniel Norton shows you how to position your light for a more even and natural look and how feathered light can help with fill and control of light spread. Two examples: Softbox & Magnum Reflector.

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Clean Portraits: Simple Window Light (8:22)

Clean Portraits: Simple Window Light

Join Daniel Norton OnSet as he demonstrates how amazing clean portraits can be made with next to no gear using natural light. Window light is free and readily available to most of us. It is easy to use to create some images that flatter your subject and look “studio” produced anywhere.

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