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Visualize, Setup & Read Light  (12:42)

Visualize, Setup & Read Light

Join Emily Teague for three quick tips that will help you visualize and understand artificial lighting. Emily demonstrates important fundamentals, shows which shadows are created depending on the angle of your light, and teaches you how to analyze catchlights to understand other photographers’ lighting setups.

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Quality of Light: Hard vs Soft  (8:39)

Quality of Light: Hard vs Soft

What makes a soft light? And what creates hard shadows? The relation between the size of the light source, direction, distance, and originality (altered vs. unaltered) are deciding factors on how “light” will appear in your images.

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5 Portrait Single-Light Setups (15:00)

5 Portrait Single-Light Setups

Jay P Morgan demonstrates how to do the five basic lighting setups every photographer should know. Using continuous lighting, you will get to see the changes in lighting quality (= shadows) immediately.

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