The “Headshot Station” (1:34)

The “Headshot Station”

Consistent headshots for large crowds made possible with the “Headshot Station”. Watch Gustavo in action and see how this option can drive traffic to your booth at conferences or trade shows.

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Inverse Square Law The Practical Way  (7:31)

Inverse Square Law The Practical Way

For physics and math lovers? No, not in this video. Get hands-on advice on what will happen to an image depending on where you place your light(s). Hanna simplifies the Inverse Square Law, using simple visualization by using one flash.

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Visualize, Setup & Read Light  (12:42)

Visualize, Setup & Read Light

Join Emily Teague for three quick tips that will help you visualize and understand artificial lighting. Emily demonstrates important fundamentals, shows which shadows are created depending on the angle of your light, and teaches you how to analyze catchlights to understand other photographers’ lighting setups.

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8 Common Portrait Photography Mistakes To Avoid  (9:12)

8 Common Portrait Photography Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to portrait photography, knowing what you should be doing is great! But knowing what to avoid can be incredibly useful too. Karl Taylor reviewed portrait photography images submitted by his community members, and it became clear that there were a few common portrait mistakes that many photographers seem to be making.

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Vanity Fair Style Lighting for Portrait Photography  (5:40)

Vanity Fair Style Lighting for Portrait Photography

3-Light Setup Behind the Scenes: Creating Vanity Fair Style Glamour. Nathan has always been a fan of the old Hollywood style of portraiture that you would often see in magazines such as Vanity Fair, and he had never attempted anything like that in the past, so it was the perfect opportunity to flex the ol’ brain muscle and create something new.

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3-Light Studio Portraits Setup (7:35)

3-Light Studio Portraits Setup

Eli Infante demonstrates his 3-Light Setup techniques. You will get to follow a complete rundown on what impact each of the employed lights will have. Function, light output, and the impact on the final image.

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Contemporary Glamour Portraits (12:19)

Contemporary Glamour Portraits

Go behind the scenes as Chelsea shoots Emily in the studio. Chelsea shows you the lights and the gear she uses and talks about every aspect of her technique, including finding the model, hair & makeup, lighting, posing, clothing, accessories & Photoshop.

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