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Pt. 3: Common Light Modifiers (9:39)

Pt. 3: Common Light Modifiers

Light Modifiers are an extremely important ingredient in successful studio portrait photography. Cam compares and explains the pros and cons of the most common modifiers used in the studio.

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Beauty Portraits Breakdown (13:48)

Beauty Portraits Breakdown

Why shooting beauty portraits at aperture f/16? Well, the main reason is that you want to be able to capture a lot of skin texture in the image. Beauty portraiture (aka beauty shot) is all about the makeup and the face. It’s really important to capture all the fine skin texture and the makeup details, using as much sharpness possible by utilizing the deep focus. One way to achieve this is to shoot at a high f-stop.

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5 Looks With One Light: Male Portraits (17:35)

5 Looks With One Light: Male Portraits

Hannah Couzens will take you through five different portrait looks and how to create them using just one light. Hannah will look at different contributing factors to create variety between the shots and of course, show you how to light and create them yourself.

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