3 Tips To Level-Up Basic Portrait Posing (On Location)

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In this video, Eli gives you 3 tips to improve your posing. Keep in mind these are layers you add to the pose. You should learn the basic fundamentals first.

Eli’s Poses Tips

  1. Use a Jacket
  2. Use a Prop
  3. Use Your Environmet

Let’s GO!

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Kudos & Resources

A big thanks to Marco Jilpas, Hector Gonzalez, and Jeff Antons for the extra video content.

Contributor - Eli Infante
Photographer & Educator | Website

Eli Infante is a Westcott Top Pro and native-born resident of the Rio Grande Valley who draws most of his inspiration for photography from unique South Texas landscapes and historical structures. When he is not out shooting utilizing the gorgeous South Texas sunset as his background, you can find him educating hungry young minds at a charter school teaching none other than, you guessed it, photography! On top of being an educator for over a decade, Eli shares his skills and talents with all other eager photographers via YouTube and even in-person workshops. You may be asking yourself, “Where does he get the energy to do all this stuff?”. Well, for Eli, any time spent being able to teach and learn new skills as a photographer is not only his vocation but his ultimate recreation.

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