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10 Useful Tips For Posing Hands in Portraits


10 Helpful Tips for Posing Hands in Portraits

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Miguel Quiles shares ten, well nine, useful things for posing hands in portraits to make the best out of your photos.
Including hands in the frame when shooting portraits can add to the story and make your portraits more appealing. But if you don’t pose them properly, they are rather a nuisance than useful addition to your image.

Miguel’s Hand Posing Tips

  1. Avoid Showing Back of Hands (for female subjects)
  2. Avoid Showing Inside of Hands
  3. Avoid Pushing/Pressure Hands into Face/Body
  4. Apply Moisturizer
  5. Avoid “Rebels” (aka “Stray Fingers”)
  6. Use a “Karate Chop” Angle
  7. Match Skin Tones (aka Post Processing)
  8. “Tell A Story” (Hand Support for Creating a Message/Mood)
  9. “Dead Hands” (Reset a Pose to get Life back)
  10. see Tip 9 🙂

Let’s GO!

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Kudos & Resources

Model: Masumi Yamada
Makeup Artist: Jocelyn Biga

Photographer & Educator | Website

Miguel is a beauty & portrait photographer currently residing in New Jersey. Starting his photography business in 2012, Miguel has traveled the world photographing interesting faces as well as teaching photography at conferences like WPPI, Photo Plus, Shutterfest, and many more. He’s appeared on Creative Live, Adorama TV, and currently releases videos weekly on his YouTube channel. Miguel has been recognized as a Sony Artisan Of Imagery, as well as a Profoto Legend Of Light.

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