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IG-Style Portrait/Model Poses (Inspiration)


14 IG-Style Portrait/Model Poses (Inspiration)

I12E Descriptive Title

Aesthetic, Impact, Mood: Get inspiration about 14 essential types of (young) female model portrait poses to create more flattering & impactful portrait photos!

Justin’s Poses Inspiration & Guide

  1. 1:20 Stand & Lean Pose
  2. 2:03 Full Frontal Pose
  3. 2:47 Head Tilt Pose
  4. 3:47 Side Profile Pose
  5. 4:23 45 Degree Turn Pose
  6. 4:59 Close Up Headshot
  7. 5:27 Close Up With Hands
  8. 6:00 Face Tug Pose
  9. 6:32 Lay On Stomach Pose
  10. 7:12 Lay Down To Side
  11. 7:39 Lay Down Face Up Pose
  12. 8:21 Lean On Surface Pose
  13. 8:58 Walking Away Pose
  14. 9:30 Over The Shoulder Pose

Let’s GO!

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Kudos & Resources

Model Cynthia Menard

Photographer & Educator | Website

Justin Laurens is a talented self-taught Photographer, Retoucher and artist currently based in Montreal, Canada. Justin focuses on portraiture, he shoots amazing fashion, beauty & lifestyle Portrait Photography. Besides his love for Photography, Justin also has a passion for teaching others; and helping Photographers take their shooting & editing game to the next level!

Justin is also the creator of the best-selling photo editing course: JL Portrait Retouching Tutorial .

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