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Pro portrait photographer Miguel shares 5 lies that portrait photography newbies believe when they are starting out! Don’t fall into this trap by heeding the tips that Miguel is laying out for you in this video.

We all start somewhere, but the advice you’ll receive in this video will help you avoid some MAJOR pitfalls that you might run into during your portrait photography journey along with some solid tips to help you improve your photography. Don’t waste precious time and resources on finding the perfect gear – watch this video instead and you’ll be off to a great start!

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Contributor - Miguel Quiles
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Miguel is a beauty & portrait photographer currently residing in New Jersey. Starting his photography business in 2012, Miguel has traveled the world photographing interesting faces as well as teaching photography at conferences like WPPI, Photo Plus, Shutterfest, and many more. He’s appeared on Creative Live, Adorama TV, and currently releases videos weekly on his YouTube channel. Miguel has been recognized as a Sony Artisan Of Imagery, as well as a Profoto Legend Of Light.

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