Flash Photography Fitness Portraits

Flash Photography Fitness Portraits - Robert Hall

Robert’s Video TOC

Gain behind-the-scenes insights into high-octane fitness portraits with flash lights. Four different looks and various lighting setups await you in this video!

Join Robert as he guides you through his approaches and explains his setups, hiccups and results in great detail. Of course, modifiers were a crucial part in this adventure of creating a mix of catalog images and test shooting fitness apparel as well.


Model: Emily Crombez (@crombezpal)

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How to Shoot Fitness Photography for Social Media and Magazines

ExpertPhotography – FREE ARTICLE

“Fitness Photography Basic Tips”

Taya Ivanova from ExpertPhotography:

“Fitness photography is a diverse genre and it is all about strength and healthy living.

As a fitness photographer, your job is to capture that and make your pictures look like they belong in a wellness magazine.

Get a few basics on how to prepare for your first ever fitness shoot.”

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Photographer & Educator | Website

Robert is an editorial & wedding photographer in Southeast MI who loves to share his experience with photography equipment on YouTube. Robert focuses on lighting equipment such as making off-camera flash tutorials for beginners.

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