How to Set Up a Home Portrait Photo Studio

How to Set Up a Home Portrait Photo Studio - Ab Sesay

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You always dreamt about having your own home photography studio but didn’t know where to start? Don’t despair and follow along as Ab walks you through the necessities to build your very own studio right in your own home.

Learn about environmental requirements, which lighting to use and how to apply it for best results as well as how to pick the right props that fit your space and support your desired outcome. You’ll also discover the benefits of using a meter. The cherry on top is the 3-in-1 setup which Ab will lay out for you.


Model: Madlena Kalinova (@madlenakalinova)

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Ab Sesay is a multidisciplinary commercial advertising photographer, creative producer/director who blends the ability to analyze ideas, technology, and resources to bring projects to the next level and propel a client's vision to the goal line.

With over 20 years of experience as a producer for both motion and stills, he has experience from the client side being a creative director and executive producer at the Mac Group. He has overseen the development of content for over 30 Brands. His clients with the Mac Group have included Sekonic, X-Rite, Profoto, Elinchrom, PocketWizard, and Benro to name a few. Ab has worked to unify engineering, sales, and marketing to create education and impactful content for end-users. "Every project has a creative goal, timeline, and budget. Finding the marriage between them all truly excites me" -Ab

Working in-house at the Mac Group provides a unique insight that makes him understand the perspective and challenges of a company, but he has also taken on many outside contracts for the likes of L'Oreal, Pepsi, Universal Records, Fuji Film, 9999 Inc, Safari Sunday, Stag & Hare, Higher DOSE, and even nonprofits such as the American Parkinson Disease Association.

Simultaneously he is Brand Manger for Sekonic Light Meters, Executive Producer and Creative Director for the Mac Group, independent producer/photographer, and develops lighting education for Sekonic, Adorama, and Fujifilm in his spare time.

Ab currently resides in the NY tri-state area and enjoys working productions both large and small with ideas both simple and complex.

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This little lesson was great for me, just building my first own home studio and yes, it’s all very close together, because of the limited space. Problem ceiling: normally 2.50meter, the headlight can’t be so high that it comes really from half above Problem carpet: the background paper on carpets… Read more »