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Headshot Photography Online Course
Professional Headshot, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshot: A headshot is a specific type of a portrait. Usually, a tighter crop of the face, from the shoulders up. The subject is camera-aware — typically looking right in the lens.

Headshots are all about helping your client to promote herself, his work, or their business & even “branding”. This seems simple enough, right? It’s just one person, sitting or standing still, and all you need is one or two good photographs. Well…

For many of your subjects, it can be a rather stressful situation because they are not used to be placed in front of a camera. At all. Except for the actors of course. Still, besides knowing how to put your subjects at ease and building a rapport, it’s imperative to know what your clients’ expectations are. This means listening, communicate and adjust accordingly.

As for the business side of things, headshot photography is one of the best ways to make consistent money as a portrait photographer. At least, if you are located in a busy place that is. If not, no worries. You still can add this particular style to your portrait photography mix.

In this course you get a rundown about:

  1. Working on a budget
  2. Different headshot looks
  3. Working in studio: starter to pro
  4. Working on location for a corporate assignments
  5. Different lighting strategies (1 to 3 lights)
  6. Insights & inspiration in working process & posing
  7. Specifics for actors’ headshots

Curated Duration: 2 h 11 min

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Contributing Instructors
Photographer & Educator | Website

Manhattan-based Photographer, Educator and Lighting Guru. I don't talk, I shoot.. ok and I talk a bunch, mostly about my experience in the industry and random pop culture references. You might know me from the videos I have made over the years for Adorama and more brands than I can even remember.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Erik Valind is a freelance photographer, born and raised on the Florida beaches, now living in New York City. He specializes in commercial lifestyle photography and environmental portraiture with airy and energetic imagery defining his style and vision. Involved and committed to the photography industry, Erik is a Tamron Image Master as well as a Broncolor Ambassador and a member of the American Society of Media Photographers.

When he’s not on assignment, Erik loves to share his visual approach, techniques, and passion for photography internationally as a speaker at major industry conferences, as an author, and online as an instructor.

Photographer | Website

Based in the downtown financial district of San Francisco, Gustavo Fernandez is the businessperson’s photographer, specializing in headshot and event photography for the professional community. Gustavo works with clients such as Google, J.P. Morgan, Forbes Media, and NASDAQ. Every year, about a dozen headshots of his are featured in Times Square, on the eight-story high NASDAQ MarketSite tower. In addition to appearing on several of the top photography podcasts, he has also spoken at and shared his corporate photography knowledge with crowds of photographers at the largest international photography conference, the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Conference in Las Vegas.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Karl Taylor is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience and he is commissioned by leading global companies for his precise attention to detail and his exquisite control of light. Karl’s work covers advertising, beauty and fashion photography for commercial clients. Having started his career in photojournalism he is also comfortable and actively enjoys shooting across a range of other genres. Karl’s ethos is that 'variety is the spice of life' and that the visual philosophies for creating effective images are universal.

Photographer & Educator at The Slanted Lens | Website

Jay P. Morgan has been working as a Commercial Photographer and Film Director in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years developing an impressive list of clients from Paramount to McDonald's. Jay P.'s experience with elaborate set design and extensive lighting are key to the success of his illustrative work.

Photographer & Educator at Readylight Media | Website

Jeff Carpenter is a commercial portrait and headshot photographer, educator, and owner of Readylight Media, a visual media and marketing agency based outside of Nashville, TN. He started his photography career in 2010, shortly after college where he was required to take a photography class in order to graduate. Being a predominantly self-taught photographer, he developed a passion for educating in a way that was simple and easy to understand. His main goal as an educator is to teach the fundamentals of photography and lighting, allowing photographers to absorb information and apply it to their style of shooting.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Jiggie Alejandrino is a portrait and wedding photographer from the Philippines.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Peter Hurley is the premier headshot and portrait photographer in New York City. He's best known for the genuine expressions he captures for his executive business portraits and actor's headshots.

Photographer & Educator at SLR Lounge | Website

Pye Jirsa is the founder and partner of SLR Lounge and Lin and Jirsa Photography, a boutique Southern California photography studio with an incredible team that shoots over 300 weddings each year, with nearly 1,000 yearly client commissions.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Rafal Wegiel is an internationally-recognized portrait and commercial photographer born in Poland and since 2001 based in Calgary, AB. Creating images of beauty and trying to capture nature of people, his work allows him to constantly explore diversity of humans, inviting the viewers to see people’s inner beauty through the camera lens.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Robert is an editorial & wedding photographer in Southeast MI who loves to share his experience with photography equipment on YouTube. Robert focuses on lighting equipment such as making off-camera flash tutorials for beginners.

Photographers at Lumosia Studios | Website

We are Sean and Helen and we simply love what we do. 15 years ago, we bought a Canon 450d and weeks later decided to become photographers with no idea of the industry or how to make a business work (on top of which Helen was 7 months pregnant with our first child!!!).

Through sheer determination, training and a need to survive, we created a successful business that over the years has been quite an adventure! After 384 weddings at some of the best venues in Europe, we made the change to headshot photography and created Lumosia, a studio that specializes in offering actors amazing headshots with a unique pricing model that works for both of us as a business and for struggling actors.

After 4 years, we now photograph thousands of actors every year from our two dedicated studios as well as shooting on location with drama schools. We have big plans for Lumosia and can’t wait to share our knowledge.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Tommy is a portrait, travel and wedding photographer based in Kent UK. Over the last couple of years, Tommy worked with a range of different brands, road-testing and reviewing all kinds of gear; including camera bodies, camera lenses, backdrops, lighting setups, and lighting modifiers.

Photographer & Educator | Website

Award-winning author & photographer Tony Northrup has published more than 30 educational books. Professional photographer, Chelsea Northrup, started photography in high school using film cameras, and went on to study film photography at Connecticut College. Her work as both a photographer and model has been published world-wide in just about every digital and print format, including book, magazine, and CD covers.

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