Intro To Studio Portrait Photography

This is a 12-part video series covering the basics of studio portrait photography.

Part One through to Six, filmed during a live “Introduction To Studio Portrait Photography” workshop, covers the theory and technical aspects of working in the studio. Topics covered include comparing different light sources and modifiers, camera settings, properties of light, and common lighting setups.

Parts Seven to Nine represents a practical demonstration of working with studio flash to photograph portraits, beginning with a basic one-light setup, then progressing to two, and finishing up with three lights for a more complicated setup.

Parts Ten to Twelve cover High Key lighting – looking at how to create a high-key setup with both one and two lights.

All of the practical videos feature the original images as they were captured and tethered into Adobe Lightroom Classic, straight from the camera.

In this master class, you get the following sessions:

  1. Gear: Constant Lighting > Tungsten, Fluorescent & LED
  2. Gear: Flash Lighting > Strobes & Speedlights
  3. Gear: Light Modifiers > Umbrellas, Softboxes, Std. Reflectors & Grids, Beauty Dish, Reflectors/Diffusors
  4. Camera: Camera Control & Triggers: Basic Settings to use with Flash
  5. Lighting: Properties of Light > Quantity of Light, Quality of Light, Direction of Light
  6. Lighting: Common Lighting Setups > Single Light, Rembrandt Light, Cross Lighting, Butterfly Lighting, Clam Shell Lighting, Short Lighting, Broad Lighting, Split Lighting, Rim Lighting
  7. Shoot: One-Light Setup > Key Light, Reflector, Negative Fill
  8. Shoot: Two-Light Portrait Setup > Key Light, Hair Light/Separation Light
  9. Shoot: Three-Light Portrait Setup > Key Light, Kicker/Separation Light, Background/Hair Light
  10. Shoot: High Key Portrait Intro > White Fabric & Softlighter
  11. Shoot: One-Light High Key Portraits > White Fabric, Softlighter, Shoot-Through Reflector, Reflector Panels
  12. Shoot: Two-Light High Key Portraits > White Fabric, 2x Strip Box, Reflector Panels, Lightroom Settings

Curated Duration: 1 h 49 min

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Contributing Instructors
Photographer & Educator | Website

Cam Attree is an award-winning photographer with 30 years of experience. Cam is an accredited member and a Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), an Australian Elinchrom Ambassador and his work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions.

Cam also loves teaching other photographers of all skill levels. He runs regular workshops and private tuition sessions on all aspects of portrait, fashion and artistic nude photography in both the studio and on location.

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