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Contributor - Nathan Elson
Photographer & Educator | Website

Nathan Elson is a commercial photographer based out of Calgary, AB that specializes in portraiture. He is known for his use of creative lighting, particularly when it comes to black and white photography, and hosts a YouTube channel in his spare time that teaches his tips and techniques to other aspiring photographers.

Vanity Fair Style Lighting for Portrait Photography  (5:40)

Vanity Fair Style Lighting for Portrait Photography

3-Light Setup Behind the Scenes: Creating Vanity Fair Style Glamour. Nathan has always been a fan of the old Hollywood style of portraiture that you would often see in magazines such as Vanity Fair, and he had never attempted anything like that in the past, so it was the perfect opportunity to flex the ol’ brain muscle and create something new.

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Window Light Portraits

Window Light Portraits

Window light is an excellent, free light source. It can achieve the same effects as much bigger, more expensive lighting equipment. A large window is essentially a huge softbox. It will diffuse light into the room and around the subject that you place in front of it.

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