Young Girl’s Formal Studio Portrait Session

Children's Studio Portrait Session – Young Girl's Formal Camera Study – Behind-The-Scenes Coverage

Tim’s Video TOC

Love to take formal pictures of children but you have no idea how to pose them for wonderful natural-looking results? See how easy it all can be in this video!

Tim Kelly shares his best practice with you by demonstrating how to lighten the mood and direct children in a playful manner. His lighting setup and posing techniques have stood the test of time and are easy to replicate no matter what camera you use.

The final goal of this session is to transform an image into a beautiful large painted canvas portrait.

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Photographer, Author, Teacher | Website

Portrait Artist and a true Master of Photography, Tim Kelly is also a Photographic Craftsman, Fellow of the American Society of Photographers, and International Portrait Master. Inducted for life into the Cameracraftsman of America and the International Society of Portrait Artists, Kelly remains one of the industry's most influential photographers.

Creating fine art portraiture for decades, and a renowned ”master print-maker", Kelly opened his first Florida studio in 1974, and his groundbreaking Gallery and Studio on Park Avenue in fashionable Winter Park, Florida in 1988. This would become the launching site for Kelly's booming photographic portrait business that continues still today.

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