ISO1200/Education: Changelog



  • November 1st, 2021: We Are Live!

    Release Candidate V1.0 / 3 first topical collections / Another 6 collections are in the making / A Halloween Success!

  • August to October > Platform Final Stage (+ Newsletter)

    Changing hosting company to achieve better speed and more effortless scalability down the road (global cloud) / Cache tuning, CDN, network tests / Finalizing the first 3 course collections we will launch with / Creation & implementation of our members’ newsletter “Inner Circle” / Adding new digital training partnerships for member discounts / Testing, testing, testing / Getting ready for launch (having an endless to-do list once the migration takes place) / Pushing the Release Candidate to the production server

  • June & July > Onboarding Process ‘Contributor Core’

    The platform “mock-up” (aka Beta) is ready and fully functional. A bit slow still, but it spins / We are reaching out to contributors, asking for permissions / Finalizing core roster and content catalog we want to launch with / Back & forth, bothering quite a lot of people, but we get sign-offs from AMAZING folks / Also, some first partnerships with industry heavyweights & household names are getting finalized.

  • March to May > Finalizing Beta

    Redefining editorial grid; filling-in all the pieces & missing “glue” / Planning “go-to-market”/launch campaign & rollout ideas / Testing, fixing, sweating, crisis, desperation, bouncing-back, all-nighters … – just about anything that’s connected to hardcore bootstrapping such a project 🙂


  • Fall 2020 to March 2021 > Bootstrapping a Dummy Platform (Alpha)

    We are building the platform. Piece by piece, function by function. Back to the drawing board, new ideas, scrapping former ideas,…

  • April to August > Pre-Production Work

    Strategy, research, analyzes, concepting, talks, editorial schedules, business strategy, agreements, re-defining things, early dev page building (pre-alpha), test environment… – all the moving parts & good stuff happen.

  • March 17th, 2020 > The Idea is Born

    After an intensive talk and extensive email-ping-pong, José Mata & Dan Hostettler agree to work on the idea of a new “photography learning platform.”