Photography Learning Community

A Safe Place for a Growing Community

Our growing Social Learning Community is all about Portrait, Wedding, – and, soon – Beauty Photography.

Collaborative Efforts

We provide a safe space where you can share your work, ask questions, join education, follow discussions, participate in various topical groups, and connect with other members.

Learning Groups led by Industry Pros

One core component is the various Social Learning Groups. They are created along various topics and led by multiple industry professionals with proven track records and achievements.

Group Leaders structure their educational approach based on the learning topic and the students’ needs. We maintain paid and free groups.

Newsfeed: Daily Dose of InspirAction

The central place of the community is the Newsfeed. We share daily curated inspiration, insights, best practices, and tips+tricks from industry professionals. It’s also your place for sharing your work, following discussions, and interacting with other members.

Note: The Newsfeed is a paid add-on. If you are a paying group member or have purchased a tutorial, you automatically get free access to the feed.

Free account holders can sign up for an annual access pass anytime.

No Big Brother, but Personal Relations

Other than the different Big Brothers out there, we don’t rely on algorithms, don’t utilize user tracking, have no automatization, and no personalized ads. In short: No noise, just pure value.

We follow editorial and ethical guidelines, are agile in direct discussions, and will interact personally.

Personal Accountability: Rigid Guidelines

For guarding this safe space, maintaining the quality level, and keeping the community clean, we have simple but effective Community Guidelines, which you have to adhere to rigidly.