Contributions by: Karl Taylor

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Karl Taylor is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience and he is commissioned by leading global companies for his precise attention to detail and his exquisite control of light.

Karl’s work covers advertising, beauty and fashion photography for commercial clients. Having started his career in photojournalism he is also comfortable and actively enjoys shooting across a range of other genres. Karl’s ethos is that 'variety is the spice of life' and that the visual philosophies for creating effective images are universal.

2-Light Beauty Portrait Setup

Simple 2-Light Setup on a budget: Karl Taylor will show you how you can get high-quality portraits by means of relatively low-cost cameras and only t…

Headshot Photography

Professional Headshot, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshot: A headshot is a specific type of a portrait. Usually, a tighter crop of the face, from the shoulders